August 9, 2010

Successful test run

We are very proud of a short time ago performed test run with the newest model of QUADRUM

With this QUADRUM we reached the 45 % level of efficiency!

So, the efficency is as good as a turbo diesel engine with a quality intercooler.

Please compare the enormous difference in operating efficiency with to days coal- and atomic power stations steam turbines. Their efficiency do not pass the level of 15 % running with the steam pressure QUADRUM uses.

During the testruns in the close future we will run a 3 QUADRUMs "trippel" mode. Serial connected units: The steam led in to H.P.-unit (High Pressure) and the outlet connected to the inlet of the M.P. unit (Medium Pressure) and this outlet connected to the inlet of the L.P.-unit. (Low Pressure)

This means that all 3 QUADRUM-units transforms the pressure of the steam to rotating energy for the generator or the propeller shaft.

The outlet steam from the L.P. unit, the return steam, has a temperature of 105 -108 degrees C. This return steam is led in to the top of the energy storage tank, passing trough a cooling/ condensing coil on its way down to the feed water tank. All the heat energy in the return steam is absorbed to the storage tank water. The feed water tank outlet is connected to the feed water pump and the pump feeds the water to the micro size boiler QUADRUMINA. If you let the outlet of furnace flue gasses pass inside a tube trough the energy storage tank, it will feed the tank with surplus energy. This way you will have a plant with the total efficiency of close to 100 %.

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